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Piety Hill Chapter Veterans

We are so very proud of our Piety Hill Chapter veterans.

Colonel Marjory E. Truax Dolezel

Colonel Marjory E. Truax Dolezel ANC USAR-Ret., R.N., B.N., M.H.A.

Deceased June 4, 2011

Served our country at:

  • Station Hospital, Fort Dix, New Jersey
    January 2, 1941 - September 1941
  • Overseas in Iceland, England, and France
    September 1941 - November 1945
  • Percy Jones General Hospital, Battle Creek, MI
    November 1945 - November 1947
  • Transfer from Regular Army ANC to Active Reserves ANC-USAR
    November 1947
  • Chief Nurse, 325th General Hospital, USAR, Kansas City, MO
    September 1951- August 1953
  • Chief Nurse, 323rd General Hospital, USAR, Detroit, MI
    August 1953 - July 1975

Marjory Truax was an Army nurse, who was sent to Iceland early in 1941. During the war, she was helping the medical officer during an operation when a bomb hit the hospital. Though severely burned by escaping steam from a sterilizer, she curbed the flow of steam, dragged an unconscious medical officer from the room, and put the patient, still under and anesthetic, on a two wheel conveyer, and pushing him out of the room, called for help before collapsing herself. For her bravery and gallant action, she was awarded the Silver Star.

Received the Meritorious Service Award Medal upon retirement on July 21, 1975

Revolutionary Ancestor: Private Jacob Truax, New York

Lieutenant Mary Hurd Henne

Lieutenant Mary Hurd Henne, SC U.S. Naval Reserve

1922 - 2006

July 1944 - June 1946: Served our country as a WAVE at the New York and Philadelphia Naval Shipyards.

Revolutionary Ancestors:

  • Private Samuel Fletcher, Maine
  • Mariner and Patriot Lynde Champion, Connecticut
  • Private Fields Coombs, Massachusetts
  • Private and Corporal John Ford, Massachusetts
  • Ensign Jesse Holbrook, Massachusetts
  • Private Benajah Dunham, Rhode Island and Connecticut
  • Private Oliver Boynton, Massachusetts
  • Private and Patriot Josiah Phelps, Massachusetts
  • Private John Boynton, Massachusetts
Lieutenant Carolyn Sue Francis Gendron

Lieutenant Carolyn Sue Francis Gendron U.S. Navy

December 1988 - December 1999: Served our country in Florida, California, Maryland, and Japan.

Earned a graduate degree in Material Logistics at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Revolutionary Ancestor: Patriot Michael Shofner, Sr., North Carolina

Patricia Ann Drury

Patricia Ann Drury, Master Sergeant United States Army Reserve

Retired 2010

Revolutionary Ancestor: Private Phillip Drury, Patriotic Service, Maryland

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